Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Been Gone Way Too Long!!!

So you may have noticed I’ve been gone for a while …

I didn’t give up on crafting or Stampin’ Up! I just got out of the habit of posting to my blog after I had surgery on my wrist and haven’t gotten myself back into the habit.

Well, it’s time for change. I am recommitting myself to posting regularly to my blog. I won’t be posting daily but I certainly hope to be posting once or twice a week. I may even get lucky and get a third post in sometimes.

I’m also going to be getting back into doing blog hops. I have a blog hop with the Stampin’ Pretty Pals scheduled for August 9. There’s a couple of other things I have in the works where I may be doing blog hops as well. So watch for those in the coming days and weeks.

Now I know I’m a bit behind the Joneses in posting things from Convention but I thought that would be a great place to start getting my feet wet again. I do have some AMAZING projects I saw while I was there that I will be sharing soon, but I wanted to start with what is most important to me about Convention …


I have met so many amazing, wonderful, friendly, and kind people through being a Stampin’ Up demonstrator that I know I never would have met otherwise. These people have all blessed and enriched my life in so many different ways. I wish I had a picture of each person who has blessed me and helped me along the way. But since I don’t, I’ll start with some of the ones I do have.

I’ll start with a picture of me and my “fearless leader” Mary Fish. Though I only get to see Mary about once a year (usually at Convention), I’m so glad to have her for my upline! She works tirelessly to keep our very large group well informed and successful in whatever kind of demonstrator we choose to be (hobby or business).She’s just very sweet and so fashionably chic too!


Patty Bennett. If you’ve ever met Patty in person or online you will know what I mean when I say she is one of the most genuinely sweet, kind, and caring people I have ever met. She is a consistent, highly successful demonstrator who still keeps her feet on the ground and her arm around anyone who needs it! Patty has been so kind to me as we have developed a great friendship this year through Facebook. She calls me her “other Jason” since her son’s name is Jason.

Me & Patty B

Sara Douglass. The daughter of CEO and Cofounder Shelli Gardner, and more importantly a creative genius herself. I have enjoyed getting to know Sara not only through her presentations and videos but also through her blog posts at We have connected on Facebook a few times as well and she’s just as genuinely sweet and down to earth as her mother is.


Heather Summers. #1 Demonstrator of the Year 2011 in Canada. Artisan Award winner. Friend. Heather is another one of those people who is incredibly successful in the company but is just down to earth and exceptionally friendly! I have gotten to know Heather a little bit through as well and absolutely LOVE her digital work! We connected for the first time in person this year at convention and I can’t wait to continue building a friendship with this totally awesome lady!


Mindy Backes. Many people in the online world know her as Minders. She’s positively sweet & sassy! I love her fiery attitude and her friendly nature. She and I are the co-creators of All Things Stampin’ Up on Facebook. We have come to be good friends and were finally able to meet each other in person at convention. Here she is pictured with the always sweet and helpful Jan Hoyt that we both know from Splitcoast Stampers.


Alana and Charlotte are two very sweet ladies I met online at Stampin’ Connection. We were all posting in a thread previous to convention that was a place to give helpful tips and suggestions to first-time convention-goers. I enjoyed meeting both of them in person!



The Guys. It is so wonderful to be able to go to convention and meet and/or spend time with other men who have a passion for paper crafting and Stampin’ Up as much as I do. Though we are definitely the minority in this world and certainly at convention as well, it’s just awesome to have these guys as friends!

Below: Mike Funke, myself, Kevin Theesen, Scot Sthrehlow

Mike Jason Kevin Scot

Below: Dennis Cochran, Kevin Theesen, Scot Sthrehlow, myslef (photo taken by Stampin’ Up’s roving reporter during convention)

Men Stamp Too

Below: Ron Backes, Kevin Theesen, Dennis Cochran, Scot Strehlow, myself

Ron Kevin Dennis Scot Jason

I have to give special mention to Scot, Kevin, and Dennis. I have been blessed to have these guys as friends who have let me pal around with them and even spend time with them stamping in their hotel room during convention. Scot & Kevin took me under their wing during my first convention last year and showed me the ropes and made sure I didn’t get lost. They have become good friends. I love how Stampin’ Up brings people together!

The Facebook Group. These are only some of the many wonderful ladies I chat with on our Facebook group “All Things Stampin’ Up” They have become good friends of mine and are such a fun group of people to be with online and in person. We are doing the “thumbs up” because that is the icon for “like” on Facebook and we really “like” our little group!

Facebook Group


Well, there ya have it. I really should have taken SO MANY more pictures with SO MANY more wonderful people I got to associate with. I just didn’t get it done. As I mentioned, I palled around with Kevin Theesen all week and he is a professional photographer and took thousands of pictures during the week. Most of us just gave up taking pictures and figured we’d just get copies of his later. So when I get a copy of them and find more wonderful people to share with you, I’ll be sure to post them as well.

Thank you for sticking with me during my hiatus and I hope now you will see me here a lot more regularly.

Check back soon!